FREE Self Pay & Insurance Claim Estimates

Bodytech offers auto body and paint repair estimates for customers that are considering to pay out of pocket or to file an insurance claim .

  • Free visible damage estimates
  • We offer different repair method options that can save you money
  • We prepare estimates to support your insurance claim

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FREE Hidden Damage & Safety Inspection

Bodytech will perform a free visual inspection, when you car is drivable, but you are concerned that there might be hidden damage or safety issues.

  • Does the car have hidden damage?
  • Could there be engine or transmission damage?
  • The radiator is not leaking, but will it fail soon?
  • Is there any frame damage?
  • Are there any safety issue?

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Insurance Claim Assistance

Experienced insider knowledge from working with insurance company adjusters for over 20 years make us the claim expert on YOUR side. With having your best interest in mind and being committed to work closely with the insurance company, we will have your car returned to you quickly and in the condition it was before the accident.

  • We evaluate your insurance estimate for missing claim related damage
  • We contact the insurance for coverage on missed and hidden damage
  • Advise you on scenarios when the deductible can be waived or reduced
  • We work with your insurance to avoid your out of pocket expense

Did you know that insurance companies in California are required to honor YOUR choice of repair facility?